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Pure Evil 9.6mil Capsaicin Drops 

9.6 million Scoville Heat Units!

Not an extract, no flavor, pure heat, made with 100% pure refined capsaicin powder.

Ingredients- capsaicin (not extract), alcohol, water, gold, ascorbic acid (Vit. C).

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1/4 oz / 7.4ml total

(2 vials of 1/8 oz)

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$76.00 International Orders

Read Below for full description of Pure Evil Capsaicin Drops and their uses. 

Texas Creek Pure Evil Capsaicin Drops-

Our original unique product lets you add heat to food without changing the flavor of the food.  It does not have that nasty extract taste.  Made with 16 Million SHU refined capsaicin powder, it basically has no flavor or smellHPLC test results rate Pure Evil at 1,560,000 SHU. 

This is the best product for most chileheads.  It's just hot enough and easy to use with the dropper bottle.  Extreme chileheads may want to look at our 9.6 million SHU Pure Evil, but for most consumers, our Original 1.5mil SHU is the ticket to Heat. 

Have a sauce that you like but it's just not hot enough? Others in the family not as hot of a chilehead as you? Add Pure Evil Capsaicin by the drop to your portion.

Suggested uses- drinks (think Bloody Mary...Oh Yea!), beer or spirits, soup, gravy, chili, yogurt (yes, yogurt!), ice cream, catsup and mayo, soy sauce, baked goods, veggies, anything that needs more heat but no change in flavor.

Ingredients-alcohol, water, capsaicin, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), xanthan. 

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Pure Evil Awards- Product of the Year 2012

Lenny Awards  www.ILoveItSpicy.com

Scotty Awards www.ScottRobertsweb.com

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Texas Creek Hot Chipotle BBQ sauce-

A rich, spicy, smokey sauce that works great on all kinds of foods, not just on bbq or grill foods.  Made with chipotle and bhut jolokia chiles, mustard, vinegar, sugar, butter and tamari (contains soy, milk)-

12 oz bottle   $6.99

1st Place-2013 Golden ChileAward

1st Place- 2013 Scovie Award

2nd place- 2012 Golden Chile Award

Texas Creek Chipotle Hot Sauce-

The original Texas Creek hot sauce is a great, all-purpose, medium heat chipotle hot sauce. Made with cider vinegar, lots of chipotle pepper, garlic and other flavors, you'll soon find that you can't eat pizza without it.

Ingredients- cider vinegar, water, spices, chipotle pepper, salt, xanthan, liquid smoke. No MSG or preservatives. Naturally Terrific!

10 oz.

$4.99 - Buy Online


Texas Creek Ghost Fire Hot Sauce-

Our Ghost Fire Hot Sauce is made with Bhut Jolokia peppers (also called Ghost Peppers) from India, Red Savina Habanero and chipotle peppers, but don't be afraid! This is the tastiest hot sauce to ever sneak up on you. You won't believe how "painfully addicting" this hot sauce is! Made with tons of flavor, no extracts and light on the cider vinegar, it's has a well-rounded HOT heat.

Ingredients-water, cider vinegar; bhut jolokia, Red Savina habanero and chipotle peppers; spices, salt, xanthan, liquid smoke. No MSG or preservatives. Naturally Terrific!
5 oz bottle $6.99

1st Place 2013 Scovie Award

2nd Place-2013 Golden Chile Awards

3rd Place- 2011 Golden Chile Awards

2nd Place- The Hot Pepper Awards

Texas Creek Wildfire Hot Sauce-
5 oz

Wildfire hot sauce is a kicked up version of our Chipotle hot sauce. We've added Red Savina habanero peppers and Pure Evil, no more extract!   For those that like it hot, give this one a try.

Ingredients- cider vinegar, water, spices, chipotle and Red Savina habanero peppers, salt, xanthan, Pure Evil, liquid smoke. No MSG or preservatives. Naturally Terrific!

$4.99 - Buy Online


Texas Creek Tropical Ghost Hot Sauce Glaze- 10 oz.

Our Tropical Ghost Hot Sauce Glaze is a medium heat spicy-sweet finishing sauce made with mandarin, pineapple, ginger, habanero & Ghost (also called bhut jolokia) peppers. Use it on fish, chicken, rice, veggies, stirfry, pork, tofu..........Get Creative! The habanero and bhut jolokia peppers pair well with the fruit and ginger in this finishing sauce. It's like tropical sunshine on your plate!  See our recipe page for more ideas!


Ingredients- pineapple juice, mandarin oranges, vinegar, sugar, ginger, carrots, spices,lemon juice, Red Savina Habanero, Bhut Jolokia and red peppers, xanthan, sea salt. No MSG or Preservatives. Naturally Terrific!

$6.49 - Buy Online


2010 THPA 2nd Place- Cooking Sauce



Texas Creek Spicy Worcestershire Sauce-

This ain't your daddy's worcestershire sauce!  First of all, it is fish-free (no anchovies) and wheat-free, with  no preservatives, sugar or added salt.  And it has the bonus spice of habanero chiles for some zing.  Made with apple cider, vinegars, spices, tamarind, onion, garlic and tamari (contains soy).


10 oz bottle   $6.99


Hor sauce


Texas Creek Organic Southwest Spice Mix
4 oz / approx 1 cup

Made with organic spices and chipotle peppers, use Texas Creek Southwest Spice Mix instead of packaged taco mix.
No salt, sugar, MSG, fillers or preservatives. Use 1 Tbsp per pound of meat. Use on nachos, hamburgers, steaks, hashbrowns, casseroles, soups, eggs, refried beans, and in guacamole. Add a dash of salt if so desired. Our 4 ounce jar equals 8-10 packages of "other" organic taco mixes and has no extra stuff in it. Only the Good stuff!  See our recipe page for more ideas.

Made with our secret blend of organic herbs and spices and chipotle peppers. Naturally Terrific!

$6.49 - Buy Online

2010 THPA 3rd Place-Dry Spice

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